Sarah Jacob
Executive Director:
 Our beloved Sarah Jacob passed away on 6th February 2013
such an
Unfortunate & Tragic death.
 Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un...!!!
May Her Soul Rest In  Peace

Sarah Jacob joined Who Am I In This World as Executive Director in October 2012. Sarah was thrilled to work for WAYITW and as a community organizer who was dedicated, passionate, conscientious, and a visionary leader.
She brings more than 20 years of management and leadership experience from the development of human rights work, charity, education, communication, health prevention program and women in different  communities around the world.  We are determent & dedicate to continue her Mission, in the the best way possible. May Lord "Allah" guide  us.

Telma Guedes
Telma Guedes accepted the challenge of being the President in Brazil, of the  Who Am I In This World  a Non-Profit Governmental  Association  based in Pakistan - lahore.

Bachelor of Mass Communication, Public Relations Professional, remarable opinion maker, artist and a businesswoman she is always engaged in humanitarian causes, her attitude has mainly focused on the poor conditions experienced by women and children worldwide.
She lives in São Paulo, SP – Brazil.

Sarah Jacob & Rizwana Yasir

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